About Us

Welcome to Reading Bear's Videos for Pre-Readers!

The videos in this Classroom were specifically curated to teach children the alphabet and alphabet sounds in the clearest and most entertaining way, as preparation to tackle Reading Bear (ReadingBear.org).

If you've never seen Reading Bear before, check it out!

Before starting Reading Bear, we strongly recommend that students know not just the names of the letters, but the sounds of the individual consonants.  The student, when shown any consonant, should be able to say its name and the sound that it makes.  It is less important to be able to do this with vowels, because vowel sounds are more complex and are taught in depth by Reading Bear.

Many more alphabet videos can be found on WatchKnowLearn, but we picked these because they seemed to be both especially clear and high-interest--in keeping with the style of Reading Bear itself.

By the way, did you know that you can curate your own WatchKnowLearn Classroom for your students?  Just make a WatchKnowLearn account and then go here.